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We treat every customer that walks into our store the way we’d want to be treated and every gun that enters this shop is treated like we own it.  We seek to exceed your expectations of what solid customer service should be!  Whether you are a gunsmithing, Pro Shop, transfer, or consignment customer, we welcome your business!

Changing expectations in what a Long Island Gunshop can deliver

Long Island has a vibrant community of gun owners.  We know, we  grew up shooting here.  While the rules and regulations can be frustrating, the access to gunsmithing machine services is a decades old problem here.

How often have you wanted to customize your rifle, pistol or shotgun but didn’t want to deal with the hassle or expense of shipping the gun across the country? We know we have.  Shotgun work in Akansas, barrel work in Ohio and 1911 sight installation in West Virginia are still options, however, they aren’t your only option.  Now, you can go local!

August 21, 2010 - NJSP SBR Q-Course Match

Bill Marr

A former Sergeant of Marines, Bill served in the 1st Marine Division, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Tank Battalion from 1994-1998, where he left as an M1A1 Tank Commander.  Bill has competed in IDPA, USPSA, Mutltigun, NRA High Power and Long Range Precision Matches.  Bill’s team won the New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Association Carlos Hathcock match in 2014 and 2016, and in 2014 he shot High Marine.  He’s hunted big game in Africa, North and South America. Bill has worked in various roles in the shooting industry. He is the editor and primary author of rifleshooter.com, an internationally recognized shooting blog that presents quality content on precision rifles, reloading and gunsmithing.  His collection of gunsmithing posts and articles is the largest available from one author anywhere in the world, and it is all free by simply logging into www.rifleshooter.com.  Bill’s custom rifles, shotguns and pistols have been featured on the web pages and blogs of some of the largest companies in the shooting industry.  Bill has partnered with various companies throughout the world to assist in the development, testing and refinement of new products. Bill is responsible for gunsmithing, machinery and manufacturing operations at 782 Custom Gunworks LTD.

What does the “782” in your name mean?

What does the name “782 Custom Gunworks LTD” mean?

Naming a business can be tricky.  I think most former Marines like myself try to incorporate something “Marineish” into the name.  Turns out a lot of former Marines start gun companies. You can take most iterations of jarhead jargon and add guns, gunworks, or arms to it and find a company with that name (it’s so pervasive you even have non-Marines doing it, like this guy).

In the Marines your gear is issued on a form number 782.  Because of this, Marines refer to their gear as “782 gear” or “deuce gear” for short.  So 782 plus gunworks became 782 Custom Gunworks LTD, and that’s how we got the name. -Bill

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