Buy & Sell used guns

We are not taking on new consignments during the pandemic.

We love used and consignment firearms.  

Are you looking to fund a new project?  Why not consider consigning your firearm with us?  In addition to competitive rates, we have an unrivaled web presence through our blog,

Please note the following terms apply to consignments:

    1. Consignments require a $25 initiation fee.  At the time of sale, 782 Custom Gunworks LTD receives a 20% commission, or $50, whichever is more.
    1. Please note Suffolk County Department of consumer affairs requires us to retain all RIFLES and SHOTGUNS for a period of 21 days PRIOR to listing them for sale.
    1. Once the firearm has been listed for sale for 60 calendar days, the price will automatically drop 10%.  At each 60 day period the price will further be reduced 10%.
    1. If for some reason you wish to retake possession of your firearm, current transfer fee will be required.  A Federal NICS background check will also need to be completed.
  1. All firearms must be received in clean and functional condition.  If you bring in a dirty firearm standard cleaning rates apply and will be charged when firearm is dropped off.


Why consign a firearm?

  • It is a great, easy way to sell a gun without having to deal with auction sites, shipping and FFL transfers.  The returns from a consignment sale at out competitive rates often offer a similar return to use of an auction website.  We do the leg work for you!

Why do you charge a fee to drop-off and pick up a consignment firearm?

  • This allows our customers a higher yield than most other systems.  Our commission rate is a low 20%, a full 5 points lower than most other stores.  The initiation fee covers the costs associated with logging in the firearm and getting it ready for sale.  Let’s take a look at how this helps you, the customer. If you consign a $500 firearm at 25%, the commission you’d pay to other shops is $125 (you’d get $375).  At 782 Custom Gunworks LTD, that same sale would cost you $100, so you’d get $400 back, thats $10 more! If you consignment costs more, the math gets even better.  For $1500 firearm, a 25% commission would be $375. At 782 Custom Gunworks LTD the commission would be $275 ($25 + $250)! A significant savings!

Why do you charge to pick up a firearm on consignment?

  • This allows us to maintain competitive pricing on our consignment sales while covering the administrative costs associated with the return paperwork.

Is my consignment firearm covered by your insurance?

  • Yes, it is!

Why do I have to wait 21 days for my rifle or shotgun to go on sale?

  • Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs requires a special license,“Dealer in Secondhand Articles”, to buy and sell used rifles and shotguns.   All consignments firearms fall beneath the auspices of this license and are vetted for a 21-day period prior to sale.

Can you buy my firearm outright?

  • Yes, we buy rifles, shotguns and pistols in ANY CONDITION!.  Typically your return from a sale will be less than a consignment (we normally pay 50% of what we’d sell the gun for at the shop) but you get your money right away!

Why do you automatically reduce the price of a consignment firearm every 60 days?

  • We’ve found this helps encourage buyers and sellers to act swiftly on firearms.  Often, guns will sell quickly at market rate, if the initial price is a little high, this will bring it in line.

Why do I have to remove the handgun from my New York State Pistol License while it is on consignment?

  • Because pistol licensing do not want your pistol registered on two different logs at the same time.  Once we receive it from you it will be logged onto our books. You will have ten days to get it removed from your NYS pistol license.