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November 15th Featured Items


782 Custom Gunworks LTD

1545 A2 Ocean Ave Bohemia, NY 11716


Featured Items List

This list is published and distributed on a regular basis.

Things to know:

  • Not all items were put into service and actually used, some are just previously owned.
  • Items will be advertised before they are released from ‘Police Hold’.  Nearly all traded in or consignment items are subject to a 23 day police hold.  They cannot be released until the hold expires.  These items will have a PH MM/DD/YY after the description.  You may purchase an item that is on hold but it will not leave the store until after the police hold expires.
  • Not all items are firearms, you may see optics, rifle and carbine uppers, stocks, etc.  
  • We have smokeless powder for sale.  We will also include a list of our current inventory.
  • We advertise cash pricing.  Add 3% for CC.
  • Please forward this email to a shooting buddy!  To subscribe send an email with Subscribe in the subject line to

Although we strive for accuracy sometimes mistakes are made.  Typographical and other errors may be found in this, and other, distributions.  

Handguns – We are only 18 minutes from SCPD Pistol Licensing

Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer 9MM, 5” barrel.  Worked over by Dawson Precision featuring adjustable rear sight with fiber optic front sight, extended magazine release and magwell.  Slide feels like it is on roller bearings.  With box, papers, holster, two magazines with magazine holder.  Hardly fired!  $825.00 #H24

Ruger Mark III Stainless Steel .22LR, 5.5” Bull barrel with added SightMark Red Dot Sight and Ruger Target Grips.  Comes with box, papers, three 10 round magazines and original black grips.  Super clean and fun!  $389.00 #H23

Colt Combat Commander .45ACP, 4 ¼” barrel with blued frame and slide.  70 series with original wooden grips and 1 magazine.  Fitted with Millet sights and added beavertail.  Carry, target shoot or make it your next project.  $599.00 #H12

Glock 36 .45ACP Gen 2.5 slim-line single stack with one 6 round capacity magazine.  Hardly used and fitted with Trijicon Night Sights. Clean pistol.  Your chance to save! $459.00 #H11

Glock 22 .40S&W  Gen 3 – OD green frame, 4.5” barrel with 1 ten round magazine.  With original box, like new.  $359.00 #H18

Glock 23 40S&W Gen 3 – 4” barrel and 1 ten round magazine.  Super clean with original box.  $359.00 #H15

Smith & Wesson 3953 9MM 3.5” barrel, single stack, double action only.  A capable and comfortable carry gun. Stainless slide and aluminum frame show honest wear.  Comes with two 8 round magazines.  $499.00 #H10

Colt USMC M45A1 .45ACP X marked, unissued return 1911 pistol.  5” railed FDE .45ACP 1911 pistol.  Rejected by the USMC and re-sold by Colt.  Only 530 in the world!  Rare $5,299.00 #H16

Taurus model 446 44 Magnum High Polish Stainless Steel revolver.  8 ¼” ported barrel and rubber grips.  Hunt with it, target shoot or just admire its beauty.  $595.00 #H51

Uberti Schofield in 45 Colt.  Cavalry inspired top break replica of Smith & Wesson’s collaboration with Major Schofield producing a model 3 revolver with a more user friendly latch.  This copy is finished in nickel with contrasting fire blued screws and a 7″ barrel.  Unfired with box and papers.  Striking! $995.00 #H48

Magnum Research BFR .500JRH Revolver Stainless Steel Five Shot revolver with a 5.5″ barrel and rubber grips.  Unfired with box and papers.  Amazing power in a package you can carry!  $995.00 #H47

Ruger Old Army .45 Colt/44 Cap-n-Ball. High polish stainless steel cap and ball revolver with 7.5″ barrel and faux ivory grips.  Unfired!  Included six shot .45 Colt stainless steel conversion cylinder.  This package requires a handgun license.  The finest cap and ball revolver you can buy.  Out of production – don’t wait.  $1195.00 #H49

Ruger Mark III Competition Target .22LR Stainless steel Competition Target model unfired with box and papers.  7″ slab sided target barrel for competition accuracy.  Wooden stocks with thumb shelf.  $495.00 #H50

Iver Johnson Topbreak .32S&W Revolver.  3” barrel in nickel.  Original owl head grips.  Looks like a baby Schofield.  From a different era!  $209.00 #H61

Deutsche Werke Ortgies Patent 7.65MM/.32ACP 3 ¼” barrelled pre-war pistol.  Screwless design!  With one magazine.  $249.00 #H62

Colt Official Police .38 Special  4” barrel and ‘Coltwood Grips’.  Blued finish with significant holster wear and plenty of life left in her.  $449.00 #H64

Smith & Wesson M&P 38, .38 Special K-Frame, Pre-model 10 with a 4” barrel.  Likely a former NYPD revolver with a badge number stamped into the backstrap.  Original stocks with Tyler T-Grip.  Aftermarket trigger shoe on this smooth actioned work horse.  I bet it has plenty of stories to tell.  $349.00 #H65

Iver Johnson 1911-A1, .38 Super 5” Hard Chrome pistol with wooden Owl’s Head Grips.  Stunning looking, great shape with a great price $499.00 #H71

Beretta 85FS Cheetah .380 Immaculate condition with original box, hard case, papers and two – seven round magazines.  An all metal single stack pistol that’s made in Italy.  $649.00 #H92

Kimber Warrior SOC .45  Striking full size, 5” barrel, two tone pistol with green frame and dark earth slide.  Frame is railed for accessories and wears the dark earth crimson trace red laser sight.  G10 grips, black controls, lanyard loop and night sights put the finishing touches on this pistol.  Complete with hard case, papers and OEM bushing wrench.  $1100.00 #H93

Kimber Micro Stainless Carry .380 Stainless slide fitted with night sights sits atop an alloy frame.  Black rubber grips lends a no nonsense approach to a concealable, single action .380 carry pistol.  Complete with box, papers, pistol rug and three – six round magazines.  Fine condition.  What are you waiting for?  $469.00 #H94

Glock 19 Gen3 OD 9MM Collectible pistol in fantastic shape with box, papers and two – ten round magazines.  OD Frame with Black slide and controls.  Six digit serial numbers begins with “VET” making this perfect gift for the vet in your life.  $440.00 #H95

Glock 35 Gen3 .40S&W Competition ready with worked trigger, green fiber optic front sight and all metal rear sight.  Weighted base pads make for fast reloads.  This pistol is ready to punish the targets!  With box, papers and two – ten round magazines.  Perfect to try competitive shooting with a pistol that has already done it all.  $440.00 #H96


JC Higgins Model 51T .30-06.  FN Commercial Mauser Bolt Action with a High Standard Chrome lined barrel with iron sights.  Wooden stock with checkering, cheek piece and sling swivel studs.  They don’t make them like this anymore!  $479.00 #84

Husky H-5000 .30-06 Bolt action.  Husqvarna rifle imported by Tradewinds.  Mauser Action, 22″ Bbl classic bolt action hunting rifle mfg 1964-73.  Schnabel forend and hogsback stock with sling swivels.  Bausch & Lomb vintage scope.  Rifle was used for sustenance hunting in Alaska.  Old world quality with a magazine floor plate repair.  Plenty of hunts left in her. $315.00 #115

Marlin 336 RC .30-30 Lever Action.  20″ barrel with straight stock and saddle ring.  Williams peep rear sight with a brass insert partridge front sight. Honest wear on a proven hunting rifle. Stock fitted with sling swivel studs.  Ready to hunt! $574.99 #133

Ruger 10/22 International .22LR with checkered full stock.  Semi automatic with a 10 round detachable magazine.  Like new! $289.00 #132

Winchester M70 Extreme Weather .308Win Stainless Steel controlled feed action and 22″ fluted barrel in a composite stock.  Winchesters most robust rifle.  Fitted with a Trijicon 3-9 scope with a green dot/mil dot reticle.  Ready to hunt with a solid 100 yard zero and a fantastic trigger.  $1149.99 #136

Savage Model 99R 300 Savage with a 24″ barrel.  Round counter on the receiver and wearing a vintage 4X40 Tasco.  This one knows where the deer are for sure. 1951 Manufacture date.  $795.00 #146

Taylors Winchester 1873 Long Range .45 Colt with a 30″ octagonal barrel for perfect balance just forward of the receiver.  Rifle forend with pistol gripped, crescent shaped buttstock.  Both are checkered.  Great quality .45 Colt made by Uberti.  Unique and Unfired!  $1200.00 #145 PH

Marlin 1895 Cowboy.45-70 package.  26″ octagonal barrel .45-70 with straight buttstock.  Leupold VX5-HD 1-5X24 Scope with illuminated crosshair dot.  An airline approved hard case rounds out this package and leaves you ready to travel to the American West and beyond!  Unfired.  $1800.00 #142

Pedersoli Springfield Armory Trapdoor .45-70 unfired rifle replica with a 32 5/8 barrel.  With barrel mounted ladder sight and cleaning rod.  Beautiful reproduction of the first breech loading firearm used by the United States Military.  A spot of rust and some streaks on the barrel finish are the only issues – otherwise perfect.  Compare at $1920.00 for a new copy.  $1195.00 #148

JC Higgins 101.16 .22 made by Savage Arms.  .22LR semi-automatic with a tubular magazine and bakelite stock.  Will also manually feed .22 Shorts and Longs.  You can lock the bolt closed for those.  Really neat Click Clack action that has seen a good amount of use.  $144.00 #162 PH11/09/18

Mosin-Nagant M44 7.62x54R PW Arms Import.  Receiver marked 1945!  These are cool rifles.  With bayonet, tools and oil can.  Also comes with 200 rounds of surplus ammo.  These are drying up.  $475.00 #181 PH11/22/18  DEPOSIT TAKEN

Mosin-Nagant 91/30 7.62x54R PW Arms Import.  Hex Receiver in nice shape with bayonet, tools, oil can and ammo pouch.  Receiver marked 1929.  Comes with 200 rounds of surplus ammo.  These sell quickly!  $475.00 #182 PH11/22/18 DEPOSIT TAKEN

Tikka T3x CTR .260 Remington Less than 300 rounds fired.  20” Barrel with Badger Micro FTE muzzle brake.  1 – Ten round magazine, picatinny rail and shooting level included.  Less than 300 rounds fired. $849.00 #184 PH11/26/18

High Standard Sport King A1041 .22LR Tubular magazine Semi Automatic fires Long Rifle, Long or High Speed Shorts.  Walnut stock with checkered pistol grip.  $175.00 #190 PH12/02/18

JC Higgins Model 31 .22LR Unique looking tubular magazine fed semi automatic fires Long Rifle, Long or High Speed Shorts.  Classy looking from the good ol’ days. $175.00

#191 PH12/02/18


Remington 870 20 Gauge Express pump action shotgun with a 26” ventilated rib barrel and a screw in modified RemChoke.  Laminate stock for the toughest of use.  Perfect for man, woman or child. $329.00 #83

Chiappa Triple Threat 12 gauge.  Like new!  Break open triple barreled shotgun.  18 ½” barrel with 5 screw in chokes and hardcase.  Buttstock breaks down to pistol grip style with provided wrench.  Comes with original hardcase!  You know you want this $1,259.99.00 #128

CZ-USA Ringneck Side by Side 28 Gauge shotgun.  28″ solid rib, interchangeable choked barrels with a pistol grip stock.  Super lightweight and points like a dream.  Unfired with 5 chokes.  Perfect for starting that new hunting dog or impress the old one.  $800.00 #145

SKB 12 Gauge Model 385 Side by Side shotgun with 28″ solid rib blued barrels fitted with interchangeable chokes.  Nickeled receiver and an English straight stock round out the traditional look.  The quality you remember!  $1,400.00 #147

Beretta 1301 Tactical 12 Gauge shotgun.  18.5” barrel with ghost ring sights and receiver mounted picatinny rail.  Mesa Tactical 6 shot side saddle.  Oversized charging handle and bolt release.  Black composite buttstock and forend with quick adjust sling.  Hardly fired with hard case and original papers.  $1,000.00 #187 PH11/29/2018

Cap-N-Ball Revolvers

Pietta 1851 Navy .36 caliber revolver.  Brass backstrap and triggerguard.  Wooden grips with cartouche.  Hexagonal 7.5” barrel.  Unfired $295.00 #CB1

Pietta Snub Nose 1860 Army .44 caliber revolver.  3″ barreled 1860 Army!  Cool Cool Cool with wooden stocks and brass trigger guard. .44 Cap-N-Ball, Unfired.  $295.00 #CB3

Pietta Snub Nose Lightning .36 caliber Very interesting revolver.  3″ snubnose barrel and a Colt Lightning style grip. Case color hardened frame and checkered wood grips.  Unfired and stunning. $295.00 #CB2


Pedersoli Whitworth .451 Caliber, hexagonal bore rifle.  The legend! 35” barrel for those long shots.  Beautiful checkered, 3 band stock.   Don’t hesitate you are unlikely to find another one for sale.  Unifred and immaculate.  $1,800.00 #MZ1



Accuracy International AICS AX 2.0 in Olive Drab.  For short action Remington 700 receiver.  5 round magazine included.  $999.00

Accuracy International AICS AX 2.0 2014 in FDE.  Current production for short action Remington 700 receiver.  5 round magazine included.  $1099.00

AR-15 Uppers

Wilson Combat barreled 5.56 complete upper Wilson Combat 5.56 chamber 1/7 twist fluted stainless steel 18” barrel with Wilson Combat flash hider and gas block.  15” tan colored Troy free float rail with Nickel Boron BCG.  Bravo Company Gunfighter charging handle completes the package.  Light use $500.00

Spikes Tactical GMP Dissipator complete upper. 5.56 16” 1/7 Chrome lined lightweight barrel with a mid-length gas system.  A2 F marked front sight base and Magpul handguards.  New.  $499.99

DRD Tactical Takedown Upper Receiver/Handguard Combo.  With barrel nut.  Compare at new $717.00 Demo $499.99

Remington Barrels

Remington Tac-14 12 gauge 870 pattern 14” barrel with bead front sight $149.99

Remington 870 12 Gauge 18 ½” Improved Cylinder Parkerized barrel with bead front sight $149.99

Remington 870 12 Gauge 18 ½” Improved Cylinder Parkerized barrel with rifle sights $169.99

Some Brands we carry

  • Lapua
  • Norma
  • Starline
  • Sierra
  • Timney
  • MDT
  • CCI
  • Bartlein
  • Federal
  • Shilen
  • Krieger
  • Wiebad
  • Wilson Combat
  • Ed Brown
  • J Dewey
  • Clenzoil
  • G96
  • Nosler
  • Kroil
  • G96
  • Hoppes
  • Sweets
  • Shoot-N-See
  • Aguila
  • Eley
  • Hornady
  • McMillan
  • Magpul
  • Aero Precision
  • Tikka
  • Ruger
  • Mossberg
  • Long Range Arms
  • Meprolight


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