FFL Transfers in Suffolk County NY


We do not transfer in complete AR or AK style rifles to NON-LEOs.

We do not transfer FAL or AK patterns receivers.

We do not work on or with POLYMER 80 or 80% lowers.  

  We do transfer stripped and completed AR pattern Lower Receivers.

We do not provide copies of our FFL to NON-FFL holders.

  We do not provide copies of our FFL to Type 03 Curio & Relic holders.

We do not receive shipments from NON-FFL holders or Type 03 Curio & Relic holders.

Please be certain the item you are transferring is legal for you to possess in New York State.

Thank you for your patience and understanding


What to bring with you when picking up a firearm:

  1. Your state issued drivers license with a photo on it.  It cannot be expired (per Federal Law) and must be valid. The address on your license must be where you reside.  If your driver’s license doesn’t have your residence on it we will not transfer the firearm.
  2. If you are not a Citizen of the United States of America you must bring your green card.
  3. Your handgun license and driver’s license if you are picking up a handgun.  LEO’s must bring their agency’s ID in addition to their driver’s license.

Background checks:

  1. Background checks are required by law and are linked to a specific firearm or firearms.
  2. We do not perform background checks without a purchase or transfer.
  3. Per ATF guidelines background checks will only be performed when the gun is present.
  4. NICS will give one of three results to a background check:
  • Proceed – You will leave with the firearm that day
  • Delay – The firearm will remain at 782 until NICS clears the firearm for transfer.  Typical delays are 6 business days but can be as long as thirty days.  This is not within 782’s control.  No firearm will be transferred until NICS gives a proceed response.
  • Deny – NICS believes you shouldn’t possess a firearm and the firearm will not be transferred to you.  There is an appeal process that is handled through the government.

Why transfer firearms with 782 Custom Gunworks LTD?

We are proud to offer professional FFL transfer services for shooters in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

782 Custom Gunworks LTD offers:

  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent service
  • White glove shipping services, virgin materials to help ensure your sale is completed without a hassle
  • Convenient hours

782 Custom Gunworks LTD Transfer Policies

  • We do offer in store, face to face transfers.
  • All firearms received via carrier must ship from a valid FFL, a signed copy of the shipper’s FFL  MUST be included with the firearm.  If we receive a shipped Firearm from a non-FFL holder a $30.00 handling fee will be applied.  There may also be a delay of 10 business days to complete the transfer.
  • All firearms must be ship ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED
  • The outside of the box should be labeled with the transferees name and contact phone number
  • All firearms will be logged in immediately upon receipt
  • NYS SAFE ACT is in effect.  Non-compliant firearms will be returned to the FFL from which they were received, the return fee is $50, plus shipping and packing costs.  If you’d like your firearm converted to a model compliant in NYS, we can install a Thordsen stock and pin and weld a device to the muzzle threads for an additional fee.  For more information on the NYS SAFE ACT, see https://safeact.ny.gov/
  • High-capacity magazines will only be transferred to exempt parties of the NYS SAFE ACT.  High-capacity magazines will be retained by 782 Custom Gunworks or returned to the party from which they were received for a fee or $30, plus shipping and packing costs.
  • Per ATF guidelines we will only transfer firearms to person invoiced on the shipper’s receipt.
  • All transfers must be picked up within 21 calendar days of receipt.  A $5/day storage fee will be incurred beyond this period.

Transfer Fees:

Ammunition transfers, $15 first SKU, $1 each additional

Face to Face Transfers

Person to person $10 per serial number

Person to person drop off $30 per serial number

Incoming Transfers

Incoming Long Gun $30.00

Incoming Handgun $40.00

Outgoing Transfers (shipping out)

Long gun outgoing transfer $40.00 plus Shipping

Handgun outgoing transfer $45.00 plus Shipping

Suffolk county property pick up $200 plus $30-50 per serial number for handguns and long guns.

Ask about our white glove packing service!

Shipping a firearm?   Did you know most shippers will challenge insurance claims when using repurposed boxes and supplies?  Ask about our white glove shipping and packing service. We only use virgin materials to ensure your firearms transfer and sale is successfully completed.