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Ruger Old Army .45 Colt/.45 Cap-n-Ball. High polish stainless steel cap and ball revolver with 7.5″ barrel and faux ivory grips.  Unfired! Included six shot .45 Colt stainless steel conversion cylinder. This package requires a handgun license.  The finest cap and ball revolver you can buy. Out of production – don’t wait. $709.99 #H49

Taylor’s C Mason Conversion .38SPL by Uberti Unfired.  Nickel finished 1851 Navy Converted to centerfire use.  Stunning revolver with an interesting history. 7 ½” barrel and wooden stocks.  That black powder feel without the black powder fuss. No transfer bar. With box and papers.  $506.99 H237

Cimarron 1871 “The Man with No Name” Open Top .38SPL by Uberti Unfired.  This revolver was brought to fame by Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of The Man with No Name.  Blued cylinder and 7 ½” Octagonal Barrel complimented by the brass frame and backstrap. Yes, it has the silver rattlesnake inletted into the RH grip just like Clint’s. No transfer bar. With box and papers $607.99 H238

Taylor’s Cattlebrand SAA .45 Colt by Pietta Unfired. Nickel 5 ½” barrels Single Action Armory with unique engraving pattern.  Various cattle brands are represented on the metalwork of this revolvers stocked in Stag grips.  No transfer bar and the hammer clicks four times. With box and papers $590.99 H239

Smith & Wesson Model 36 .38SPL Nickel, No Dash  Early model with flat latch!  Round butt and wooden grips. This is neat! $364.99 H310

Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt UNFIRED 7 ½” Blued with box and papers.  Black, hard rubber grips with Ruger medallion.  Target or Hunting this single action revolver will deliver. $424.99 H311

Colt Python .357 Revolver 6” Barrel, blue finish. The quintessential Colt revolver.  Deep blued finish with laminate stocks.  A green insert on the front sight makes this one even easier to shoot.  1968 Manufacture date in very nice condition. Hard case and a set of Pachmayr rubber grips included. No collection is complete without a Python.  $2,250.00 H351

FNH-USA FiveseveN USG 5.7X28 Unfired FN pistol with 4 ten round magazines.  Black with gray controls and reversible magazine release.  Safe queen. Low recoil and very flat shooting. FUN! $900.00 H244

Ed Brown Special Forces .45ACP Unfired 5” Battle Bronze Coated railed frame.  Front cocking serrations on the black slide fitted with night sights.  Chainlink III front strap and back strap. Magwell and oversized magazine release.  Linen VZ grips. Stunning. Shows as new in case with all original paperwork. $2900.00 H246 Deposit Taken

Ed Brown Special Forces 9MM.  Unfired stainless steel 5”  pistol. This one has it all.  Carbon fiber grips, Ed Brown Bobtail, Hi Viz front sight, front cocking serrations, Tri-Serra-Top Slide.  I can go on and on. With original case, factory papers and 4 Wilson Combat magazines. Perfect. $3,100.00 H255

Kahr Arms K9 9MM Stainless Steel striker fired 3.5” barreled pistol renowned for their super smooth trigger pull.  Rubber grips. Comes with 2 – 7 round magazines, box and papers. Solid and dependable carry pistol. $349.99

Smith & Wesson M&P45 .45ACP 4½” barreled polymer framed striker fired pistol.  Trijicon HD Night Sights with orange front sight top off this hardly fired example.  Includes three ten round magazines. Very comfortable pistol. $439.99 H386

Smith & Wesson Model 57-5 .41 Magnum Mountain Gun.  4’ Blued N-Frame six shot revolver with a round butt and wooden boot grips. What a great woods gun! Not an easy gun to find in any condition, this one rates about 90%  $800.00 H387

Glock 27 .40S&W Gen 3 Olive Drab Frame and Heinie Straight Eight Slant Pro Night Sights.  Hardly Fired! One 9 round magazine with Pearce Grip extension make this a powerful and concealable handgun. $459.99 H391

Smith & Wesson Model 39-2 9MM 4″ barreled Nickel Plated double action alloy framed pistol.  The factory wooden grips let you know this is from another era.  Nice, slim and not too heavy to carry. $369.99 H393

Kimber Custom TLE/RLII .45ACP by ROBAR Custom Robar Armalube black with contrasting silver colored NP 3 controls make for a stunning looking pistol.  This one is wearing VZ G-10 Grips and is fitted with a magwell. Night sights and an accessory rail round out this package.  It’s true, Robar is no longer accepting metal firearms for gunsmithing so here’s your chance! Great trigger. $1499.99 H405

Smith & Wesson M&P40 .40S&W Unfired with 1-10 round Magazine.  Very comfortable full sized handgun that makes .40S&W easy to shoot.  Only $399.99 H406


Marlin 336 RC .30-30 Lever Action.  20″ barrel with straight stock and saddle ring.  Williams peep rear sight with a brass insert partridge front sight. Honest wear on a proven hunting rifle. Stock fitted with sling swivel studs.  Ready to hunt! $574.99 #13

Tikka T3x CTR .260 Remington Less than 300 rounds fired.  20” Barrel with Badger Micro FTE muzzle brake.  1 – Ten round magazine, picatinny rail and shooting level included.  Less than 300 rounds fired. $849.00 #184

Savage 116 .270 Winchester Stainless barrel and action with a 22 barrel dropped into a Boyd’s varmint, brown laminate thumbhole stock.  Very clean with and accutrigger. Maybe it is time to try a thumbhole stock in a classic and capable caliber?  Very clean! $401.99 #291

Weatherby Vanguard .243 Win. Combo bolt action rifle.  Blued barrel and action in a black synthetic stock with a Bushnell Banner 3-9X40 Scope.  Stock has hinged floorplate with checkering and a cheekpiece with a nice soft recoil had.  This rifle exhibits very low use. Add a sling and hit the woods! $404.99 #332  

Browning BL22 Grade II .22S, L & .22LR Unfired 24” octagonal barreled lever action rifle with satin finished, straight gripped, walnut stock.  Stainless receiver helps to make this a stand out. Outfitted with Leupold VX Freedom 3-9×33 EFR scope keeps your field of view sharp from 10 yards through 1000. These are sweet shooting rifles. #363 $967.99 #363

Remington 7600 .30-06 Pump Action Rifle.  Box magazine fed, lightweight and fast handling hunting rifle.  Bushnell 3-9×40 scope with black sling. Ready for the woods or the range.  Metal is an easy 90% wood has hunting scuffs for 85%. $444.99 #412

Henry Long Ranger .243 21” barreled, box magazine fed lever action rifle.  Similar to the Browning BLR. Satin black metal with nicely figured wood.  Contrasting black nose cap on forend. Checkering on both buttstock and forend. Only $649.99. #27

Sako TRG-42 .338 Lapua Magnum Package.  NIghtforce NXS 5.5-22 scope with second focal plane Mil-Dot reticle is mounted on a NEAR 25MOA scope base with three Nightforce Scope Rings.  27” barrel with threaded muzzle and muzzle cap. Green stock with fantastic ergos and a detachable 5 round magazine. 60 degree bolt lift and a two stage trigger makes for fast and precise shot placement.  Used for a hog hunt in Texas, very low round count. Package includes Sako bipod. You can’t afford not to buy this. $5,000.00 #529 PH08182019
Remington 700 BDL .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle.  Checkered Walnut Gloss Stock with ebony forend tip and grip cap.  Iron sights on the barrel and wearing a Redfield 3-9×40 scope.  Straight out of the seventies. Maybe a total of 50 rounds fired through the rifle. They do not make them like this anymore.
$700.00 #

Remington 700 5R Tactical .308 Bolt Action Rifle.  This one is range ready!  24” 5R rifled 1:11.25” Twist barrel.  Timney Trigger. Oversized Bolt knob. Badger A5 detachable magazine bottom metal.  PRI 20MOA picatinny rail. Both action and barrel are Cerakoted. Green McMillan A5 stock. Harris Bipod.  Less than 500 rounds fired, plenty of barrel life left. Mount your favorite scope and calculate your dope.  Only $2,000.00 log#567 PH09092019 

Remington 03-A3 .30-06 Sporter Walnut stocked with checkering and contrasting ebony nosepiece.  Leupold 12X scope with adjustable parallax and camo paint. 23” barrel.  Sling swivel studs. Why not hunt with a classic this year? $499.99 log#594 PH10062019

Carl Gustaf Swedish Mauser 6.5X55 Custom Mannlicher Sporter Fancy Maple Full length stock with cheek-piece and sling fittings. Metal grip cap and buttplate. 18” hexagonal to round barrel with express rib featuring 100, 200 & 300 Yard rear sight leafs.  Butter knife bolt handle and sporter style safety. One of a kind! $599.99 log#595 PH10062019 DEPOSIT TAKEN

Winchester Model 100 .308 Pre-1964 Manufactured Semi-Automatic Carbine.  Walnut checkered stock with polished blued action and barrel.  Still has the original sights and is wearing a Bushnell 2 3/4X Scopechief II with the Command Post feature.  A leather sling rounds out this fine, classic hunting package. Needs to go to a good home. $550.00 #601 PH10122019

Sako Forester L579 .308 bolt action rifle.  This one knows where the deer are!  Wearing a Leupold Vari-X-III 1.5-5 power scope.  The stock has many marks in it but I only see one small spot of rust on the magazine floorplate.  Stock has checkering, sling swivels, white line spacers and a cheekpiece. This would clean up nicely with a little TLC.  $600.00 #602 PH10122019 DEPOSIT TAKEN

Ruger Carbine 44RS .44 Magnum 1963 Manufacture date with a 5 digit serial number.  Walnut stock and sling swivels. Fitted with a 2.5 Bushnell scope.  Missing rear aperture sight. Front sight still has white insert in it!  Another nice hunting package that’s woods ready. $650.00 #603 PH10122019

Winchester 70 Varmint .204 Ruger Package 26” Heavy Stainless Steel Lilja Barrel bedded into the black composite stock with wide varmint forend.  Jewell trigger resides in all metal bottom metal. Topped with a 8-32X44MM Burris Scope with adjustable objective held by Burris Z rings fixed to a 20 MOA base.  Package also includes 2,000 Sierra 39gr Blitzking Bullets in sealed packaging. Redding S bushing sizing die with Micro-Adjust Seating die. 650 pieces of new brass with 200 of them with their flash holes and primer pockets prepped.  Finally comes with two .20 Caliber reloading funnels. This one is ready to perform. Add primers and powder and you will be set for a long time! Zero recoil and superb accuracy. $1250.00 #637 PH10272019


Remington 870 20 Gauge Express pump action shotgun with a 26” ventilated rib barrel and a screw in modified RemChoke.  Laminate stock for the toughest of use. Perfect for man, woman or child. $329.00 #83

Charles Daly Triple Crown 28 Gauge by Chiappa. Unfired. 26” triple barreled wonder complete with 5 screw in choke tubes, hardcase and papers.  Perfect for those hard to hit woodcock and grouse. It’s always nice to have another shot up your sleeve. Only 7#s.  $1174.99 #360

Ugartechea Parker Hale Model 10 Gauge Side X Side Shotgun 29 ½ Barrels and double triggers.  Blued barrels with nickel receivers and wooden stocks.  Metal rates 93% and wood a strong 90%. With green canvas hard case.   Be the only kid on your block with one. $967.99 #361

Browning BPS 12 gauge.  Hunter model with 28” ventilated rib barrel with polished blued metal and a glossy walnut stock.  Neat bottom eject makes this shotgun left handed friendly. One of the smoothest pumps you can buy.  90% condition overall. PH08182019 $449.99

Franchi Falconet 20 Gauge Over Under Shotgun with Single trigger and barrel selector.  3” chambers on 26” barrels choked Improved Cylinder and Modified.  An alloy receiver keeps this nice and light. Black receiver and blued barrels with ejectors. Checkered forend and pistol grip.  Honest wear! $499.00 #604 PH10122019


Christian Sturm Cap Lock Side by Side 12 Gauge Shotgun. Made in Suhl, Germany my best guess puts this between 1849-1860.  This is a very high grade gun with fantastic, full coverage engraving and stock checkering to match.  I believe the barrels to be damascus steel. Gold inlay on the chambers and rib. Double triggers, cheekpiece on the stock, horn pistol grip and all the craftsmanship give a lot to look at.  This was removed from an attic prior to leaving a house that was in the family for generations. I can’t declare this safe to shoot so it is being sold “As is, not to be fired.” A great display piece.  $800.00 #MZ2

Law Enforcement or Out of State Sales Only

PTR PTR-91 7.62X51 18” barreled HK Roller Lock pattern rifle.  Unfired! User friendly diopter sights with aluminum handguard.  Comes with one twenty round aluminum magazine. A manly man’s gun.  $728.99 #156

Century Arms GP1975 Sport 7.62X39 AK-47 pattern rifle.  Black polymer forend, pistol grip and AR Style collapsible buttstock.  Ultimak Rail on gastube with red dot sight. Slant brake on the end of the 16” barrel.  Very cool carbine, you have to love an AK. $546.99 #159

Norinco NHM 5.56 AK74/84 Pattern rifle with a thumbhole stock.  16” barrel with wooden forend and buttstock. Picture a MAK-90 but in 5.56.  Some rust – wood is in better shape then the metal. Comes with two 30 round polymer magazines. These are fun!  $546.99 #152

Hi-Point 4595 .45ACP Odd looking but ultra reliable .45ACP carbine.  Unfired! Comes with one 9 round magazine. Great for the indoor range.  $182.99 #155

Bushmaster BAR-10 7.62X51 AR-10 pattern rifle that uses some features of the FN-FAL pattern rifles.  An interesting addition to your collection. Unfired! Small marks on upper receiver where scope rings were mounted, otherwise very clean.  16” Barrel with A2 buttstock. $728.99#158

Anderson AM15 .300 Blackout 16” barreled carbine with free float rail.  Extended charging handle and collapsible stock. Geissele two stage trigger.  Faux suppressor.
$585.00 #489