Used Guns For Sale Gallery


Colt DA 38 US ARMY Model 1901 double action revolver.  .38 Long Colt, Blued 6” barrel with walnut stocks and lanyard loop.  Many RAC stamps on both metal and stocks. About 75% overall. 404.99 H466

Colt DA 41 .41 Colt double action revolver.  Hard rubber brown colored stocks and a 6” barrel make this a neat, old revolver.  One of the first models with a swing out cylinder. About 70% overall. $404.99 H467

Gary Reeder Custom El Diablo .44 Special.  Heavily customized 3 screw Ruger Blackhawk, featuring a 4 ⅝” ported barrel.  Hand engraving, gold inlay and the deepest bluing you may have ever seen. Corian Ivory grips and a de-horning job round out this custom revolver.  $1619.99 H469

Ruger Standard .22LR 1971 MFG , Pre-MKI, 5 ½” tapered barreled pistol.  The one that started it all for Sturm-Ruger. Blued with black composite grips.  Needs magazine. Shoot it or collect it, your choice. $224.99 H470

DWM 1900 American Eagle Luger 7.65 Parabellum Blueing around 68% straw parts rate about 48% Wooden stocks about 65%.  All numbers match save the magazine.
Interesting piece of history.  $2429.99 H475

Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammer .38 Rimless Smokeless 4 ½” barrelled gun.  Very nice condition, not often seen pistol.  1920 manufacture. Colt hard rubber grips. $1259.00 H476 

H&R 922 .22LR Revolver 6” barreled, double action, nine shot revolver from back in the day.  The bluing on the frame has turned to plum but the barrel is still a nice blue/black.  Plastic wood grain checkered grips round out this classic. $224.99 H478

Colt Police Positive .38 S&W 1921 Manufactured with 4” barrel and fixed sights.  Original hard rubber grips! Nice shape with a department number stamped on the butt.  History! $324.99 H481

Smith & Wesson Model US Army Model 1917 .45ACP Hand Ejector 5 ½” barreled revolver.  Blued with wooden stocks. Complete with lanyard loop.  Neat old war horse. Cylinder numbered to frame. $1035.00 H487

High Standard Supermatic .22LR Target Pistol Adjustable sights, composite target stocks for a Right Handed shooter.  Weights under barrel. $485.99 H507

Colt 22 Automatic Target Pistol (Pre-Woodsman) .22LR 6 ½” Barreled pistol.  Blued finish with wooden stocks.  75% overall. Two tone magazine. 1924 manufacture.  $449.99 H508

Colt Gold Cup National Match with Kart .22LR Conversion 6” barrel with adjustable target sights.  Conversion works similar to a S&W Model 41 Target Pistol.  This example is rollmarked United States Arms Corp Riverhead, NY.  The magazine is stamped the same. Very interesting and uncommon pistol.  $1015.00 H509

Iver Johnson TP 22 .22LR Seven shot compact DA/SA pistol.  Black finish with black plastic owl head grips.  Looks like a mini Walther PPK. $224.99 H512

Colt Official Police 38 Special 4” barreled six shot revolver.  Plenty of carry wear on this one.  1952 Manufacture. $309.99 H516

Hi-Standard Dura-Matic M-101 .22LR 4 ½” barrel with fixed sights.  Ten round magazine. Brown composite grips.  Lots of character. $224.99 H519

Harrington & Richardson Model 686 .22LR 12” barreled revolver. Double action with a case color hardened frame.  Adjustable rear sights. A unique revolver in great condition. $309.99 H526

Colt Government .45ACP 1918 Manufactured Commercial model!  Blued frame and slide with wooden stocks.  Correct two-tone magazine. Don’t let this one get away! 1799.99 H531

Beretta 92S 9MM Pistol The grandfather to the 92FS and M9.  Heel magazine release and slide mounted safety! With original box and papers.  Two 10rd magazines and a Desantis black leather holster. Nice Shape! $374.99 H638


Winchester 70 Varmint .204 Ruger Package 26” Heavy Stainless Steel Lilja Barrel bedded into the black composite stock with wide varmint forend.  Jewell trigger resides in all metal bottom metal. Topped with a 8-32X44MM Burris Scope with adjustable objective held by Burris Z rings fixed to a 20 MOA base.  Package also includes 2,000 Sierra 39gr Blitzking Bullets in sealed packaging. Redding S bushing sizing die with Micro-Adjust Seating die. 650 pieces of new brass with 200 of them with their flash holes and primer pockets prepped.  Finally comes with two .20 Caliber reloading funnels. This one is ready to perform. Add primers and powder and you will be set for a long time! Zero recoil and superb accuracy. $999.99 #637


Shotgun Barrels

Franchi 48 AL 12 Gauge Barrel 19″ Ventilated Rib fitted with Lyman Cutts Compensator wearing a modified choke tube. Old school cool! Buy and fit the compensator to your favorite shotgun $149.99


Christian Sturm Cap Lock Side by Side 12 Gauge Shotgun. Made in Suhl, Germany my best guess puts this between 1849-1860.  This is a very high grade gun with fantastic, full coverage engraving and stock checkering to match.  I believe the barrels to be damascus steel. Gold inlay on the chambers and rib. Double triggers, cheekpiece on the stock, horn pistol grip and all the craftsmanship give a lot to look at.  This was removed from an attic prior to leaving a house that was in the family for generations. I can’t declare this safe to shoot so it is being sold “As is, not to be fired.” A great display piece.  $650.00 #MZ2

Colt 1860 Army 44 Cap-N-Ball Second generation Colt revolver with red velvet lined display case.  Has been used but in excellent shape. The Internet states these were made by Uberti for Colt.  I see no Italian proof-marks on this revolver. $399.99 CNB4